XP Equipment

Submitted by Kristian on Sun, 11/06/2022 - 23:44

XP EquipmentExplosion-proof equipment is a must in any mining environment. XP equipment from Becker helps you to be prepared for emergencies and protect your electrical equipment. XP equipment is specially designed to withstand explosions and features a variety of safety features. 

These safety features include : 

  • A power distribution circuit breaker that interrupts the flow of electricity in the event of an explosion. 
  • A visible disconnect for power distribution that allows you to quickly and easily shut off the power in the event of an emergency. 
  • Motor control starters prevent motors from starting up in the event of an explosion. 
  • Heavy-hinged aluminum covers 
  • Polycarbonate windows 
  • Base mounting 
  • Door-mounted emergency stop

Becker XP equipment is also available in various sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. 

These MSHA-certified components are a crucial item to have on hand in any mining setting. With XP equipment from Becker, you can rest assured that your employees and equipment are safe in the event of an explosion.

Explosion-proof components have become a necessary tool for protecting staff members as well as ensuring that all equipment can stay up and running during an emergency. These enclosures protect crucial tools like air exchange, communications, and alarm systems that are needed for emergencies. 

Our team can design and manufacture solutions that fit your dimensional requirements as well as meet the certification standards required in your industry. XP Becker equipment is useful for mining, oil, and gas companies, as well as food processing and other businesses. We carry over 1500 types of certified enclosures that suit your equipment's needs. We are ready to meet the needs of customers all over the world or we can also create custom dimensions to suit your needs as well. 

Why Use Explosion-Proof Equipment In Mining?

The use of explosion-proof equipment in your mining environment can be crucial to the safety of your employees and your equipment. By using XP equipment, you can be sure that your workers are safe in the event of an explosion or other potential disasters such as an arc flash. Preparing for these events can reduce your downtime and keep your employees much safer. 

Mining is a dangerous industry, and explosions are a constant risk. In addition to the danger posed by the actual explosion, flying debris can cause serious injuries. With XP equipment from Becker, you can be sure that your employees and equipment are protected. 

XP equipment is also useful in other industries where explosions are dangerous, such as oil and gas production, food processing, and more. Any place with heavy equipment or voltage risks your electrical equipment. With these enclosures, you can protect the equipment you need to keep your business running. 

At Becker, we understand the importance of safety in the workplace. That’s why we offer XP equipment that is specially designed to withstand explosions and keep your employees safe. With over 1500 types of certified enclosures, we have the right solution for your needs.