6314-023 Ground Monitor

MSHA BTS No. 111576EE-001 MSHA Instrinsically Safe No. IA-175

This is a low voltage continuity ground monitor/ground fault assembly combining the SMC Model C-3013-1 Continuity Ground Monitor (MSHA BTS Acceptance No. 101679 PDP) with a SMC Model B-2111-8, zero sequence type, Ground Trip System.

  1. The ground monitor portion of the combination relay will monitor the integrity of the pilot/ground circuit. The GM relay will trip should the pilot/ground circuit be interrupted for any reason and is not dependent on impedance increases. The monitor will not drop out during a 25 percent voltage dip with 5 ohms in the pilot ground loop and will ride through a power outage for 1⁄4 second with 1⁄2 ohm in the loop.
  2. The ground fault portion of the combination relay will monitor ground fault current, tripping the circuit breaker if the ground fault currents increase to an unacceptable level. It is adaptable for use with shunt trip or under-voltage devices. An onboard selector switch provides flexibility to use most existing current transformers.

This combination monitor provides assurance of safely grounded electrical equipment and protection to personnel. This combination design is an excellent choice for larger motor loads.