Arc Guard®

Full Spec Sheet:

Standard underground electrical equipment is designed to withstand the mechanical forces generated by bolted faults on the load terminals until a power circuit breaker or other protective device can interrupt the flow of fault current. This capability is verified by short-circuit and short time withstand tests on the equipment and interruption tests on the power circuit breakers. During a bolted fault, the voltage at the fault location is essentially zero and the fault energy is dissipated throughout the power system. The arc generated within the power circuit breaker during interruption is cooled and extinguished by the breaker. The minimal out-gassing of arc byproducts is contained in the electrical equipment as verified by interruption tests.


  • Arc Resistant to protect miners at the front, back and sides of the equipment
  • Performance tested and classified as arc resistant in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7-2007
  • Reinforced enclosure to withstand pressure from internal arcing faults
  • Internal venting system with pressure dams and pressure vents to channel the flow of arc fault gases and vent these gases out the top of the gear and away from personnel
  • Reinforced and sealed top covers and panels
  • Reinforced bolted covers
  • Ventilation inlet/outlet shroud

Becker Mining Arc Flash Study (Adobe PDF)

Arc Resistant Electrical Equipment in the Mining Industry (Adobe PDF)



Becker SMC Arc Guard