How Does a Current Transformer Work

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 03/17/2023 - 07:41

How Does a Current Transformer WorkCurrent transformers are an essential part of modern power grids. They allow us to accurately measure high-voltage line current, which is crucial for maintaining the balance and stability of our electrical transmission lines. The primary purpose of a CT is to reduce a large amount of current flowing in a primary circuit and produce an alternating current in its secondary windings that are proportional to that primary current. This gives us greater insight into our energy grid and enables us to efficiently manage its output. Moreover, CTs can also be used in domestic applications, such as for measuring the load on appliances or circuits. This helps users get an accurate reading of the energy consumed and allows them to monitor their electricity usage more closely. Finally, with technological advances, current transformers have become smaller and more efficient than ever before - allowing them to be installed on even the most compact power lines without taking up too much space or causing disruption.

Operational Hazards

Operational hazards can pose serious risks to current transformers and their users. Suppose the secondary circuit of a CT is left open while the primary circuit is energized. In that case, voltage transients can be generated in the construct that causes damage to its winding insulation, resulting in errors in measuring accuracy. In addition, these transients may also generate high eddy currents in the CT core, which may adversely impact its magnetizing characteristics. To safeguard against such occurrences, IEEE C57.13 recommends equipping CTs with voltage-limiting devices that protect against hazardous voltages and withstand an open-circuit situation for at least one minute without harming the secondary circuit. Special protective units such as our CTPUs are designed specifically for this purpose and remain functional even after an abnormal condition – eliminating the need for user intervention or frequent replacement.

These units employ a varistor and a thermostatic switch for this purpose, with the former preventing inaccuracies in measurement due to its passive current-draw under normal working or fault conditions and the latter managing thermal cycling when the CT is in an open-circuit state.

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