8 Strategies For Reclaiming Efficiency And Lowering Costs In Mining

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 02/12/2021 - 18:08

8 Strategies For Reclaiming Efficiency And Lowering Costs In MiningThroughout the past year, a number of mining executives have created a unified message regarding markets and the mindset of production at any cost. Throughout the boom of many raw materials, companies were pushing their employees for extra hours, taking advantage of equipment and safety standards and when prices dropped, jobs were slashed. This cycle in the commodities industry makes for an unsustainable career path and as a result, there are many businesses that are keeping their companies more stable with efficiency improvements. Reclaiming efficiency lowers costs and improves margins. It also ensures a more consistent career path. Here are some top strategies for reclaiming mining efficiency:

Mine Planning:

Focusing on improving a mining site with enhanced sequencing and tracking operational performance leads to improvements in volumes and greater accountability. 

Risk Management:

Having key metrics on the open for engineering, construction management and procurement keeps everyone on the same page. Improving working capital management is essential to budget planning.

Workforce Plan:

Keeping employees engaged, improving safety, and training all lead to improvements in efficiency and a culture that is based in safety and employee morale. 

Introducing Technology:

New and innovative technologies will be responsible for unlocking new deposits, improving productivity, and transforming mines for the future. Production visibility tools leads to proper visualizations of mining for optimized production lines, shipping, and more. 

Excellence in Operations:

The re-evaulation of an operating module ensures improvements for costs at a management level. Using principles like six sigma technology can make sure that shareholder value can be improved and operational efficiency gaps can be recognized. A culture of sustainable and operational improvement can be generated. 


Big data solutions and analytics tracking can be a crucial form of profitability assistance and make sure that decisions can be improved across the board with a business. 

Supply Chain Improvements:

Reduction in costs and establishing global sourcing contracts can all be introduced. Building partnerships with suppliers here can streamline the supply chain process and make sure that meetings with key producers can continue.

Capital Projects:

It is possible to improve funding practices and understand project value at an improved level. Scaling operations to suit projects and to make sure that capital projects can be improved will lead to ongoing improvements 

If you are interested in improving your mining technology for the future and you would like to enjoy improvements to your day to day operations, contact us today. We can suggest the technology that will help you boost your abilities in the mining industry. We are a team that can help you integrate a wide range of solutions to suit your mining site and improve costs across the board.