An Analysis On Mine Electrical Systems

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 03/25/2021 - 18:21

An Analysis On Mine Electrical SystemsUnderstanding the basics of mining electrical systems and how they work together to build a complete mining site is important to understanding the risks involved in the industry. There are many different types of electrical systems and components that come together to make a mine site run. Here are some amazing systems that you should be familiar with for staying protected in a mining site.

Mining Power Systems

Mining power centers are also known as load centers and this is where the high input of electricity is converted into lower output made for distribution throughout the rest of the mining site. The output here can go down to 480-1000 V but the input of these systems can handle 5 to 25 kV. These systems come with a series of protections to properly disconnect the electrical systems when required. 

Motor Control Centers

Motor control centers can often be found as the energy source of many mines. They often come with high-powered equipment for driving motors like conveyors, pumps, and fans. The control centers tend to come with very soft start systems and the PLC controlled variable frequency drives offer an added level of arrangements for motors. 


Switchgear is designed to protect mining sites from high-voltage equipment. The circuit systems come with meters in place that can reduce the risk of electrical interference and they can keep everyone safe while allowing your mine to continue operating under required power. 

Longwall Controls

This is the perfect option for helping you mine in generally deep conditions. It’s a good option for underground project sites, and for running large machines with an extensive amount of horsepower. These are items that can help you with complicated arrangements and make sure that you have a system that works with deep projects. Many of these components are housed in explosion-proof cases for easier working components. 


These systems are designed to transform the utility supply electricity into the voltage that’s required for running underground and surface mining components. There are temporary and permanent substations that have components capable of running all mining equipment with efficiency. 

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