Becker Mining’s Lever Action Circuit Breaker

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 06/10/2021 - 18:21

Becker Mining’s Lever Action Circuit BreakerThe lever-action circuit breaker is a new piece of mining electrical technology that's extremely rugged and designed to measure small amperage in protected circuits. The lever-action circuit breaker has been designed with a specialty housing for improved durability as well as a greater level of sensitivity. As one of the most convenient style outlets for smaller amperage protected circuits and higher amperage breakers, this is an application that could help you test a variety of connections throughout your business. Whether you're running pumps or tools, having one of these circuit breakers can be a cost-effective solution for your business and one of the best ways that you can prevent problems from occurring on your Jobsite. 

We've adapted our lever action and line-mounted hosing to include a complete camera line F frame circuit breaker product. With this configuration in place, it becomes much easier to install a circuit breaker system almost anywhere in your business. The connector comes with a complete pilot circuit and dust cover as well as one of the strongest Shields in the business. These devices work in mining applications and they serve as mine duty breaker products for thermal-magnetic, adjustable trip motor circuit protectors, F frame sizes, magnetic circuits, and more. 

These connectors are designed using a lever-action two-piece housing and they can connect using a p plug male phase contact for simple integration. With standard connector features up to 300 A and figures rated to 600 A, there are systems that can be integrated to suit the needs of any electrical application. 

Each of these systems can be calibrated to two main trip ranges. The main trip range option can be offered as an option that suits the amperage for your business. The second trip range can be subject to changes in your equipment and specifications as required. 

If you would be interested in learning more about our lever action circuit breakers and how they can be integrated with your business, contact our team today. We are constantly working on these systems to improve the quality of our circuit breakers as well as to offer an easier level of integration with a wide range of electrical systems. Through our innovation, we can make the process of installing these circuit breakers easier than ever before.