Becker Mining Powered Roof Supports

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 11/21/2022 - 22:12

Becker Mining Powered Roof SupportsLongwall mining requires specific tools to be effective. One of those tools is a roof support system. Becker Mining's Powered Roof supports are designed and manufactured according to the latest technical and technological solutions. Not only do they meet tough safety and ergonomics standards, but in a longwall complex, roof support shields work together with a heading shearer and face conveyor. The straightforward design and large roof coverage allow for more productivity during longwall exploitation.

Becker Mining's Powered Roof supports have many advantages that make them essential in longwall mining applications. Some of those advantages include:

  • Safety: The powered roof supports meet stringent safety requirements, ensuring a safe longwall mining operation. The powered roof supports protect miners from falling debris and other hazards.


  • Ergonomics: The supports are designed with operator comfort in mind, making them more comfortable to use during longwall mining. Working in any longwall mine can be a difficult process, but with these tools, any operator can experience less fatigue and improved working conditions. 


  • Productivity: The compact design and high degree of roof coverage make the supports more productive, allowing for more efficient longwall mining. Introducing these systems can help your mining operation run more smoothly and efficiently.


  • Compact Design: The compact design here is another reference to productivity. Compacted supports do not take up a lot of space in the longwall mining area, leaving more room for other equipment and miners. 


  • High Degree of Roof Coverage: The shields offer a high degree of roof coverage, meaning that more of the longwall mining area is protected. This results in less rockfall and other hazards and increased productivity. 


  • Remote control operation: The supports can be operated remotely, making them easier to use and freeing up miners for other tasks. 

How longwall mining supports work:

Powered roof supports work by using hydraulics to push against the roof of the longwall mine. This pressure helps hold up the roof and prevents collapse. The powered roof supports are placed along the longwall mining area at set intervals. They are often used with other longwall mining equipment, such as heading shearers and face conveyors. These are ergonomically safer mining methods and tools that protect miners from dangers like rock falls and other potential hazards. 

When longwall mining, it is important to have a stable and safe roof. Powered roof supports are one way to achieve this. They are designed to meet strict safety requirements and improve operator comfort. In addition, they are compact and offer a high degree of roof coverage. These features make them more productive, allowing for more efficient longwall mining. With the introduction of these systems, your mining operation can run more smoothly and safely.

All these tools are produced under stringent quality standards in our own factories. Our longwall mining products are backed by our team of experts, who can provide comprehensive technical support and service.

Becker Mining's Powered Roof supports are an essential tool for longwall mining. Their many advantages help make longwall mining a safe, efficient, and productive process. When you're looking for longwall mining solutions, make sure to consider Becker Mining's Powered Roof supports.