Becker Mining Systems Belt Rip Detection System

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 16:16

Becker Mining Systems Belt Rip Detection SystemMost of the time we consider some form of safety mechanisms in mining with the idea of electrical controls and monitoring. On-site monitoring for equipment can be equally as important for managing employee safety. Conveyor belts are an essential part of the mining industry and maintaining the integrity of these conveyor belts can minimize downtime as well as improve employee safety throughout the entire mining environment. Our new systems in the form of the belt ripped detection system has been developed to detect issues within a conveyor belt system as soon as possible and to create a defined alert when the belt has ripped. By sending small electrical circuits throughout the steel cable and fiber belts, loops can be embedded into the belt system without acting as a detriment to daily operations. When the inductive loops are broken alarms will sound and the belt loops can be maintained and repaired through the diagnostic report. Real-time loop diagnostics will be delivered to the main system and this is a diagnostic tool that will continuously monitor the ongoing health of the belt. 

Not only does the Becker mining systems ripped detection system provide an alarm to initiate a fast shutdown but the control system can be programmed to provide immediate stoppage to the belt system if a rip has been detected. The belt can be completely stopped preventing any further damage and downtime and ongoing monitoring for the system will help to ensure that there can be a full stop in place when there is an issue within the belt. The on-screen shortcut buttons, mouse pad, keyboard, and other virtual tools can be an excellent way to program the tools here. You can set up your own presets and ensure that the device will perform based on your loop diagnostic settings. By having a proper reduction in various belt issues that could occur, you can enjoy more uptime, reduce errors and ensure the safest possible working environment with your business monitoring. This is still a relatively new tool within the mining industry and using these quality tools today can put you on the forefront of safety. If your mine currently runs a series of conveyor belts, upgrading these tools can help you to maintain your uptime and to ensure that you can maximize the total value of your mining operations in the future. 

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