Becker SMC Electrical Equipment

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 03/04/2021 - 18:48

Becker SMC Electrical EquipmentA wide selection of our systems governs your business and protects employees to improve reliability and ensure that you fulfill the commitments you’ve made to your suppliers and partners. Our team has provided a series of successful power systems to a wide range of businesses in the industry. We work with the supplier for thousands of power systems across the mining, transportation, and heavy electrical industries. We deliver proven and reliable electrical systems and solutions that can improve system reliability. Some of the top electrical equipment that we provide includes:

Critical Power Systems

We can assist in establishing critical power systems to maximize your profitability and prevent lost revenue. 

Surface Mining

Our surface mining solutions help create and govern some of the most important machines in the mining industry. We can install everything from switch houses to fault supports for mining equipment in surface mining or underground mining solutions. 

Switch Houses

We build switch houses dedicated to handle 1200 A and 27 kV with full standards for CSA and MSHA. Our switch houses are built to withstand the difficult conditions of your industry and we can protect electrical components in even the most challenging of environments. 

Splice Boxes and Junction Boxes

We can splice up to 35 kV of cable and provide useful designs for underground and surface mining. These are solutions that can ease the process of repair as well as prevent dangerous events from occurring in underground mining. 

Power Substation

Upfront engineering and power substations can deliver continuous monitoring and predictive analysis for your business. We build custom manufactured equipment to handle the most challenging specifications. We deliver substantial cost savings and functionality for a wide range of operational controls. 

Capacitor Banks

Our metal in close capacitor banks deliver power factor correction and improve your electricity bill. These are systems that will reduce voltage drop and improve your daily operations. Capacitor bank technology offers a series of identical capacitors interconnected in a series or in parallel to increase stored energy and offer improved ripple current capacity from any power supply. 

Our company can offer a wealth of support to your business in the mining or electrical industry. Our team wants to ensure you can enjoy improvements for safety and daily operations with your business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can provide for you.