Duratrans Are The Mining Transformers You Need

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 02/19/2021 - 17:38

Duratrans Are The Mining Transformers You NeedMining transformers need to be highly reliable technology. With the unique requirements of mining technology, a transformer needs to be more durable and reliable than any other surface transformer product. 

Duratrans offers significant advantages in the market for winding techniques and technology for critical power delivering devices. We have developed solutions for installing Duratrans technology and transformer technology which is designed to prevent winding displacement and sealing from all environmental contaminants. 

Duratrans technology has a HET or proven harsh environment technology. This process can seal out contaminants and builds up a superior level of strength in the transformer. The technology here comes with a quality guarantee and proven solutions for superior strength. 

The coil distortion prevention technology delivers an outward coil distortion through a reinforced material bolstered to the outside layer. These types of mining technology lead to ongoing reliability improvements across the board. 

OVAL technology is introduced with these transformers that will provide an ongoing strength in the prevention of short circuits. These safety improvements ensure that the transformer offers an even greater level of protection for equipment, employees, and maintaining mining operations. 

Low Profile Dry Type

These types of transformers offer improved KVA temperature rise and customer-specified voltage technology. These specifications lead to a low-loss design and a transformer that is designed with issues for lowering operating costs. Reducing heat generation and maximizing the operations of the device are all options available here. 

Coil construction in these transformers includes coils that are wound with copper windings for bus and superior short circuit stability. The coils are insulated with a 220 C Nomex and epoxy end caps for improved seals. The cores in these devices are cut and stacked with a miter and butt lap so that losses can be prevented in the gaps. 

K-rated transformers are systems with nonsinusoidal loading and a higher level of harmonic content. Faraday shielding is also available to help with electrified noise mitigation and other solutions for improving electronic systems. 

Every one of these transformers is tested via an ANSI C 257.12.91 quality to ensure that it meets the ideal maximum life expectancy. With the assistance of these improvements, it is possible to enjoy the best technology for your transformer needs.

If you would like to learn more about Duratrans transformers, contact us today to learn more. We can make sure that you are able to get quality mining transformers for your mining business.