Electrical Control System

Electrical Control SystemAn electrical control system stands as one of the most critical aspects of your business and successful power generation within your business. Using an electrical control system that can provide you with unprecedented operating time can be essential for your industry. Our team provides power system installations as well as innovative electrical control systems that can offer you greater reliability in the market. Our systems utilize a variety of continuous monitoring and predictive analysis to ensure that we can offer a highly reliable experience in your day-to-day operations. When using an electrical control system within an industrial setting, profit loss can be enormous if there is downtime. The depending on the industry that you are in, downtime for several days might represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. In order to make sure that your critical power systems can be maintained, we offer the best in reliability. Our electrical control systems are perfect for the following activities!

Surface Mining

Some of the largest power generation needs come from mobile LAN machines like dragline excavators and items within the mining industry. Ensuring that heavy equipment can continually run means making use of large electrical motors that require advanced controls and monitoring.

Switch House Design

Our switch houses are designed to run up to 27 kV and 1200 amps. Our standards comply with CSA and MSHA to make sure that we offer the best to our customers.

Capacitor Banks

A middling close comparison or bank is required for power factor correction. These are included in the system to help you save money on your energy bills and to reduce the chance of voltage drop. By using several capacitors that are interconnected we can create a series that can counteract various current overloads or undesirable characteristics. A capacitor bank can be used with DC and AC power supplies to reduce the ripple current and to increase the stored energy within your system.

All Splice Boxes Injuctions 

We use box injunctions which are designed to splice up to 35 kV of cable. The solution can be extremely useful in underground mining as well as in the repair of cable length extensions. This type of work can help to reduce downtime and make sure that your mining operation will not be interrupted.

Proper Power Substation 

Industrial processes come down to profitability and losses and a quality power substation needs to be assembled in order to make the proper front end engineering decisions. Continuous monitoring as well as predictive analysis will make sure that a system can deliver a continuous level of reliability. Our equipment is built to handle the most difficult of specifications and we tailor our power substations to match the needs of our customers. We're always looking for the latest technology and using it in the work we provide for our clients, by making sure that we can consistently innovate and customize we can help our clients meet the changes in their industry head on.

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