Electrical Power Systems

 Mining has been there as long as the beginning of humankind and has survived evolutions and revolutions. Mining tools and processes from thousands of years ago dramatically differ from today.

You cannot go into a mine with a few homemade explosives and sharp tools and call yourself a miner. With the advent of electricity, the face of mining has changed completely.

To keep up with this advancement, Becker SMC USA is on your side. We have the best electrical system that will make your mining efficient, boosting profitability and productivity.  


Long Wall Electrical Systems 

Our longwall electrical system may be the perfect fit for you. You can customize the voltage up to 35000 WATTS.

The load centre, pump power centre, explosion-proof “MSHA” certified master controller, pull-cord switches, prestart warning, LED face lighting, pump controller, intrinsically safe voice communications, signalling, conveyor lockouts, and explosion-proof mid-face junction boxes combine to give the safest and the most effective longwall electrical system.

A long wall electrical system will ensure a low operating cost, high recovery, low dilution, high mechanization a continuous process hence boosting productivity beyond your imagination. 

Our electrical systems are used on over 70% of US operations, giving us an unparalleled position in the equipment market. 

Letting customers design their electrical systems flexibly, we have proven ourselves to be user friendly and cooperative. 

So, whether you operate a set of miles in different regions or a small quarry, we can provide you with electrical systems that resonate with your mining ideal. 


Our Company 

  • 50 years of experience
  • Forefront of market
  • Engineers adept in finding mine specific solution
  • Special focus on the design of the equipment
  • Equipment tested thoroughly to ensure the latest standards

Our Speciality

We make equipment to cater to everyone’s needs. So, wherever you are and whatever your country’s standard mining equipment protocols be, we have your back. You can now enjoy the new advancements in technology without worrying about your country’s technological race position.

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