Electrical Safety Tips for Mining Operations

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 01:12


Electrical Safety Tips for Mining OperationsAny workplace that involves working with electrical equipment comes with its own set of dangers. However, when it comes to mining operations, these dangers can be drastically amplified. According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, there were about 1,962 deaths due to electrical equipment in the last ten years, and of those deaths, nearly 200 came from mining projects and operations. 

The significant dangers that electrical power poses for the mining industry is increased because of the gas, dust and material that is dug up during the mining process. These make the likelihood of electrical issues popping up a lot more likely, and even the smallest electrical issue can lead to major issues such as fires or even explosions. While it is very easy for these mistakes, accidents and incidents to happen, they can be avoided by following proper electrical safety tips.

The following are some electrical safety tips for mining operations:

Installation Process

Right from the beginning it is important to pay close attention to proper procedure and details. Making sure that you go about the proper installation process for your electrical equipment will help dramatically reduce the likelihood of electrical hazards. These systems must always be grounded, and they should only be using high-quality, heavy-duty cables and wires in mines. 

Electrical Equipment Wires

All of the electrical equipment used in mining projects involves wires. Which means there will be wires running all across your mine site, which only increases the risk for accidents such as electrocution, tripping or wire fraying. Following the proper electrical wire protocol will help reduce the risk of accidents. 

Compatibility: It is important that you make sure that the equipment you are using is compatible with the connectors and machinery you are using. 

Low Voltage Equipment: Wherever possible you should be using low voltage equipment in order to reduce the risk that comes with using high-voltage tools and equipment within mines. 

Sockets: Using restrained sockets is a good way to make sure that there are no unauthorized changes made to your system. 

Explosion Proof: Explosion-proof equipment should be used as much as possible, and wherever possible in order to decrease the risk of explosion during your project. 

Damaged Equipment

It is very important that you make sure you keep an keen eye on all of your wiring and equipment in order to keep track of all of the wear and tear and know if there is any damage. Taking care of damaged equipment right away is important for reducing the risk of accidents or emergencies. Contact us today for the best electrical mining equipment that will keep you safe!