HVAC Systems In Data Centers

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 06/18/2021 - 14:39

HVAC Systems In Data CentersAn HVAC system is needed for almost every data center as there are often hundreds or even thousands of servers running in the same area, data centers can generate a massive amount of heat. When conditions get too hot there is a chance that server operations could be disrupted. Server operations can also be disrupted when the temperature is kept too low and this is why a proper HVAC monitoring system is a crucial item in any type of data center. 

Data center HVAC requirements are overseen by the American Society of Heating and refrigeration. Air-conditioning engineers are often looking for ways to increase the efficiency of these systems and offer the best products to data center controllers. Companies are looking for more sustainable ways that they can keep their data centers at optimal temperatures and reduce humidity inside data centers as well. 

HVAC Systems Play a Number of Vital Roles for Data Center Control

Clean Air

HVAC systems work to remove harmful air particles like dust from the air circulation inside the data center. Dust can very quickly wreak havoc on a server if it isn’t properly filtered out. Air ventilation systems and HEPA filters can be extremely effective at improving indoor air quality and preventing the chance dust could find its way into electronics. 

Humidity Levels

The temperature and humidity levels are also variables that a company cannot ignore with its data center. The finest HVAC systems for data centers today are able to regularly manage humidity and deliver results in removing moisture from the air while still maintaining an optimal temperature inside the data center. 


Any HVAC system in a data center often needs to come with some form of backup. If the temperature were to reach a point where it is too high or too low this could lead to ongoing problems for products and detrimental results for countless businesses hosted within the data center. Having an ongoing backup solution can be costly but this is far less expensive than paying for the damages of lost revenue when businesses experience downtime. 

If you’d like to learn more about crucial HVAC systems for your data center and climate control for precious electronics, contact our team today. We can teach you more about the latest HVAC systems that are managing data centers worldwide.