How American Miners are Safely Providing Minerals During COVID-19

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 18:46

The mining industry is an essential component of America's economy because America is an international supplier. 

COVID-19 has hit everyone worldwide, including individuals, businesses, industries, economies, and even production got halted due to COVID-19. However, the Americans still produced minerals and achieved the safest recorded year in mining. 

Let’s dig into how Americans provided minerals during COVID-19 safely. 


Importance of Mining Industry in America

America's supply chain mainly depends upon mining, thus it provides raw materials for both consumer and capital goods. Minerals are also used in medicines. 

In America, mineral supply was a significant concern as they were the international suppliers of minerals. During COVID-19 borders were restrained, which caused problems because the reliance on imports of minerals was getting disrupted. 



How did Americans provide Minerals safely during the pandemic?

Minerals were provided safely, by using all the advanced technologies and facilities while maintaining social distancing, health and safety measures, and all other forms of protection protocols. This is how the Americans were able to maintain their supply. 

Moreover, keeping social distancing in practice, haul and dump equipment, an autonomous fleet of vehicles, tele-remote-controlled load, and underground truck operations were implemented. 

Furthermore, drone technology enabled them to cover a large area, inspect the equipment, survey mine walls, charts, and 3D mapping helped keep them safe on the rough surface. 

Americans used such innovative methods and provided minerals in the safest way possible and didn’t let COVID-19 rule them. 

The Bottom Line

Mining Industry, which is crucial for so many other industries, got affected due to COVID-19, but the Americans still successfully provided minerals safely even in these hard times. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in explaining how the American Miners are safely providing minerals during COVID-19.