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Do you know what issues miners face? What tools are required for mining power systems? And yes, which is the most reliable place to get trustworthy and high-quality mining products? 

Hold on! We have answered all these queries; stay along to explore. 

So, Mining is way more challenging than it looks; the deep passages, suffocation, power failures leading to blackout, and the most daunting of the constant risk of explosions and short-circuiting. 

One cannot imagine the courage and responsibility it takes to run a mine!

With the responsibility of life and accommodation of hundreds of miners, the mine owner has the most on his plate because he/she is the one answerable for any unfortunate event.

Are you a mine owner? 

Don't worry; it's not as hard as it looks. With the perfect mine equipment at your side, you don't have to stay up all night worrying about your workers' safety. 

Becker SMC - A High-Tech Supplier

To save you a lot, Becker SMC is the ultimate choice. It won't only relieve your safety concerns but also conquer your mining business's productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.


We believe a person learns by his past experiences more than he/she can ever learn from textbooks. Our half-century experience vouches for our skill and superiority over the market. Not only have we been able to build the best mining equipment that you need, but we have also excelled in the know-how of which machine is best for Mining. 

Our experts will provide you the best service along with on-point guidance about your mining requirements because, at Becker SMC, customers' legacy comes before profit.

Electrical Equipment by Becker SMC

The electrical equipment offered by Becker SMC are magically efficient and include:

  • Power distribution equipment.
  • Critical power systems.
  • Surface mining machinery.
  • Switch houses.
  • Junction and splice boxes.
  • Power substations.
  • Capacitor banks that will cover your electric needs.

To withstand the explosion, you can benefit from our cleverly engineered circuit breakers, visible disconnects for power distribution, motor control starters, permissible electronics, and proper lighting. 


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Other Specialties:

Some other specialties that gave us an unparalleled position in the mining market are; 

  • Transformers
  • E-houses
  • Arc-Guard
  • Longwall Electrical Systems 

The quality is offered at the most affordable prices that make Becker SMC stand at the forefront of worldwide markets. 

Our machinery is accessible to in-home countries, but their rigid sturdiness can withstand the most dangerous mines in all corners of the world.  Our engineers are the prodigies of their areas and have the best knowledge to transfer to the equipment-building process selflessly. After many attempts, the machines' design approves and circulates across different perspectives to ensure that you get nothing less than the best. 

Our products are then tested to meet the highest standards of MSHA, IEEE, and NEMA so that perfection is not an option. Our customer service officers are given special training to cater to your needs even after your payment. 

Enhancing Miner Safety: Becker SMC's Solutions for Overcoming Mining Challenges

Mining operations come with inherent risks and challenges that demand specialized equipment to ensure the safety and productivity of miners. Explore the specific challenges faced by miners, including dangerous working conditions, power failures, suffocation risks, and the constant threat of explosions and short-circuiting. Discover how Becker SMC's range of advanced products, such as vacuum circuit breakers, explosion-proof equipment, transformers, arc guard, longwall electrical systems, and E-houses, can effectively mitigate these risks.

Dangerous Working Conditions

Mining environments often expose workers to hazardous conditions such as dust, extreme temperatures, and confined spaces. Becker SMC's explosion-proof equipment, including explosion-proof motors, starters, and lighting fixtures, are designed to prevent ignition sources and minimize the risk of explosions in potentially explosive atmospheres. These products comply with strict safety standards and provide robust protection against ignition hazards.

Mine Power Systems

Power Failures

An unreliable power supply can jeopardize both safety and productivity in mining operations. Becker SMC offers vacuum circuit breakers, known for their reliable performance and ability to interrupt electrical currents during faults. These circuit breakers effectively protect electrical systems from overloads and short circuits, minimizing the risk of power failures and ensuring continuous operations.

Mine Power Systems

Suffocation Risks

Confined spaces in mines pose suffocation risks due to inadequate ventilation. Becker SMC's E-houses, or electrical houses, are specially designed to provide safe and well-ventilated environments for housing critical electrical equipment. These prefabricated structures offer a controlled environment that ensures the proper functioning of electrical systems while minimizing the risk of suffocation incidents.

Mine Power Systems

Explosions and Short-Circuiting

Mining operations involve the handling of potentially explosive materials and the use of high-voltage electrical systems, creating a constant risk of explosions and short-circuiting. Becker SMC's arc guard systems are engineered to detect and extinguish electrical arcs promptly, preventing them from escalating into dangerous explosions. These systems offer an additional layer of safety, safeguarding both personnel and equipment.

Mine Power Systems


Transformers are vital components in mining power systems, enabling the efficient distribution of electricity. Becker SMC's transformers are designed for rugged environments, with features like high durability, temperature resistance, and protection against moisture and dust. These transformers ensure reliable and efficient power distribution, reducing the risk of power disruptions and equipment damage.

Mine Power Systems

Longwall Electrical Systems

In underground coal mining, longwall electrical systems play a crucial role in powering and controlling the longwall shearer and associated equipment. Becker SMC's longwall electrical systems are tailored to meet the specific demands of longwall mining operations, providing a reliable power supply, efficient control, and advanced safety features.

Becker SMC's products and services are designed to meet the highest safety standards. All of Becker SMC's products are tested to meet the standards of MSHA, IEEE, and NEMA. Becker SMC also offers a wide range of training and support services to help miners get the most out of their equipment.

Mine Power Systems

Why Choose Becker SMC- What’s Special About Us

At Becker SMC, we take the machine load (pun intended) of responsibility and welcome you to the family of thousands of satisfied customers from all walks of life because we recognize your courage.  It is that courage that we celebrate by providing you with the perfect way because humankind matters. Navigating the subterranean frontiers demands more than just conventional electrical systems. Becker's mine power systems exemplify innovation and adaptability, tailored to the demanding conditions of mines, tunnels, and caverns.

We welcome you to the 4th Industrial Revolution!

Take Control of Your Mine Power Systems with BeckerSMC's Cutting-Edge Products

Are you ready to elevate your mining operations to new heights of safety, efficiency, and productivity? Look no further than Becker SMC, the industry leader in providing top-quality mining products. Our extensive range of advanced equipment, including vacuum circuit breakers, explosion-proof gear, transformers, arc guard systems, longwall electrical systems, and E-houses, is meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry.

Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your mining business. Contact Becker SMC today and discover why we are the preferred choice of mine power systems worldwide.


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