Mining Technology to Increase Safety and Productivity

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 12:01

Mining Technology to Increase Safety and Productivity

Mining Technology to Increase Safety and ProductivityThanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, the world of mining has been in a constant state of change and advancement. Whether it is increased cost-efficiency, the ability to do more complex jobs, or a stark increase in safety throughout the entire industry, technology has played a large role in the world of mining. One of the most challenging and dangerous environments in mining are underground mines. Thanks to new mining technology, even these mining projects can be improved upon by making better mine designs, equipment design and application, as well as the quality of the product and the constant maintenance of the mine. 

The following are some more ways in which new mining technology has helped increase the safety and productivity of mining sites!

Drastically Improved Safety Measures

Underground mining is one of the sectors of the economy that is known to be accident-prone with a risk of catastrophic results. The safety within these mining projects - and all mining sites - lies with technology, organization, personnel, and the legal requirements of the country the project is in. However, technology is a factor that plays one of the biggest roles in mine safety. 

Thanks to improved technology, mining companies are able to more easily monitor their workers, machines, and data. This allows miners to be sure that all of their machines are working at peak performance, and that the miners are using the best possible tools in order to improve their safety in an underground mine environment.

A lot of mining machinery now have camera systems installed on them, which allows them to relay real-time data to the operations managers, allowing them to have a better understanding of all of the situations around the mine. 

More Productivity Equals Cost Reductions

Because of the amount of equipment, energy used, and the dangers involved with underground mining, the cost of such projects have increased across the world. As well, labor costs for underground mines are higher because of the higher risks involved with the environment. However, the better the technology on the site, the lower the lost costs can be. 

Mining sites with high-level technology are able to work more safely, as well as quickly. A combination that results in tremendous productivity and a reduction of costs. While enhancing the safety protocols and technology of a mine site may come with more costs upfront, the results long-term are tremendous. If you would like to access the benefits that the most technologically up to date mining equipment offers, contact us today!