Safety Precautions in the Mining Industry

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 01/06/2023 - 08:20

Safety Precautions in the Mining IndustryWorking in an underground mining site can be one of the most unique occupations in the world and it often takes specific preparations in order to learn how to work in these environments as well as run equipment. Mining sites feature some of the most extremes in air quality, temperatures, risks, gas and dust and factoring all of these dangers into the job and help with preparedness. The mining industry has undergone a revolution and added new resources that improve the best practices in mining using modern technology. If you're interested in revisiting safety precautions in a mining site here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to keep yourself and your employees safe:

Strategy and Planning

No matter what type of mining that you work in, it is important to prioritize strategy and planning. Creating a proper plan and ensuring that you have the right technology and resources to execute will make sure that you have the confidence moving forward and a dedicated list of steps that will keep you on task. When everyone knows the plan it's possible to prevent accidents and move efficiently. 

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is one of the best emerging trends in mining safety. Without regular predictive maintenance it’s difficult for you to maintain your standards and prevent downtime. Keep a maintenance schedule and consider running simulations on mining equipment so that you may see when various equipment throughout your mind might require replacement or some form of repairs. 

Maintain Visibility Standards

From equipment or personnel there needs to be a consistent form of visibility and protection against unexpected blackouts. Many companies today are now using GPS technology and mining networks in order to locate personnel and equipment across a mining site. Infrared braking systems and other coalition controls are also preventing the chance for accidents in mining.

Maintain Electrical Safety Standards

Having appropriate monitoring devices and shutoffs is a requirement in the mining industry. Various monitoring for electrical safety and shutoff switches can prevent serious accidents such as a major arc flash event and more. 

Use Gas Monitoring

Portable gas monitoring devices and alarms can prevent tragedy in mining. New portable gas monitoring can collect and identify various gasses in the mining environment and perform reports that will prevent dangers. Being able to ventilate harmful gasses appropriately or use it in mechanisms can be a crucial step in keeping your mining site safe.

Using Fireproof Equipment

Fires can be a real threat in a mining environment and explosion proof or fireproof equipment can help to protect the mining environment and its employees. Cords and  electronics need to be regularly inspected for maintenance and repairs and using the right equipment with proper insulation and safety measures in place can help to prevent incidents. 

Upgrade Mining Communication

Communication systems are some of the most crucial methods for locating employees and working through accidents when they occur. Upgrading mining communications help to improve response in the event of an accident and daily efficiency.

Keep some of the safety measures in mind if you're interested in upgrading your mining efficiency. Contact Becker Mining today.