The 7 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Underground Mine Life Safe

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 18:25

The 7 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Underground Mine Life SafeWith hundreds, if not thousands, of mines in the United States and tens of thousands of mines worldwide, safety is a real issue for people who work in mines. Unsafe practices such as washing out sandbags with water can cause an explosion; this is why you should be doing your best to keep your mine and surrounding areas safe. Here are seven ways that you can stay safe while working in a mine.

1. Understand the Mine Environment

You need to understand the mine environment before starting thinking about the other things you can do to keep your underground life safe. The first thing that you need to understand is how dangerous it is to be up there. It is a misconception that the mines are safe because you're a miner and physically in good shape.

2. Learn How to Respond

You need to take steps to learn how you will respond in the event of an emergency. The first step is to review your mine's safety policies and protocols so that you know what to do. If you hear an alarm go off, you should know the best way to proceed. For instance, if there is a fire, do not try and put it out yourself as you might get injured by high levels of smoke or heat. Instead, make sure that people around know what's going on and evacuate the area as quickly as possible.

3. Employ the Proper Protective Gear 

While you aren't always expected to wear specific safety gear while you are doing your duties, make sure that you are wearing the proper equipment when it is required. If your job requires a helmet or any other protective equipment, make sure that it fits properly and offers the protection it is supposed to deliver. If you aren't wearing any protective gear and get injured, the company may be held liable for negligence.

4. Observe Safety Procedures Around You 

Mines are dangerous, and you need to be on your guard at all times. If you see someone around you doing something potentially dangerous, then talk to them about it. If they don't respond, as in the case of something like smoking a cigarette in an area where smoking is prohibited, then talk to your supervisor about it. If they do respond but continue to commit dangerous acts, keep reporting them until they stop doing what's wrong.

5. Make Sure That You Keep Your Work Area Safe and Sanitary

Your work area should always be clean and safe. If you notice that something is wrong or dangerous, make sure that you report it to your supervisor as soon as possible. If you find something wrong with the equipment affecting your safety, then make sure that you take care of it right away, even if it means spending a little extra time at work.

6. Watch Your Step 

Moving from one area to another is something that you should always do with care and caution. If you see something dangerous, then don't take a chance. If you want to help others, make sure that it is safe for them to know about the hazardous conditions around them. You can recognize hazardous conditions by looking out in all directions. It is also important to watch your step and your footing as you go up or downstairs and other areas where there are open spaces between floors or levels of darkness.

7. Patrol Safely

Safety patrols are important to the safety of all employees. Safety patrols are required by law. If you are one of the employees asked to do a patrol shift, make sure that you show up for your shift and do everything that is expected of you. If you see something wrong while on patrol, then report it immediately to your supervisor. If you would like to learn more contact us today!