Underground Substation Design

Underground Substation DesignA quality underground substation and control room is designed to meet the needs and specifications of our customer’s demand in protecting electronic equipment. Our team can deliver a superior level of products with a premium experience for E houses and substations. All of our products come fully tested prior to the shipment process and they are able to withstand the most challenging environments on Earth.

If you are in need of a complete electronics control room underground, we can produce systems that can suit any size or any place to protect your electronics. We make sure that these are areas that exceed standards for the industry and that are built with quality and efficiency.

Any of our underground substation designs start within our facility. We’ve been working for nearly a full century in the electronic distribution industry and we’ve perfected designs that can operate in nearly any environment on earth. As one of the world’s leading suppliers in automation, communication, and transportation infrastructure, we can build industrial electric underground substations that can provide you with the best level of protection for your electronic equipment.

The goal of these substations is to be built and designed to withstand the rigorous forces that are placed on electronics underground. These are systems that can protect your staff and are designed to last for years without corrosion or failure. We maximize the protection of these structures including a variety of sealants and maximizing the structural space by using an interlocking design for exterior panels. The exterior panels on our underground substation designs are made out of galvanized steel and then produced with an electrostatic powder coat finish. Adding this extra level of protection as well as an added protection against corrosion can be crucial within this industry and for maximizing the reliability of the system itself.

Our underground substation design is engineered from the ground up for every customer. We factory assembled these modules at our facility and perform quality control on-site. Our skilled craftsmen and advanced manufacturing techniques will provide you with years of reliable service from your underground substation. We make sure that these are all assembled to comply with requirements under the national electric code as well as the code for industrial buildings. It doesn’t matter where they’re going to be assembled, we can produce a system that will work well for your needs.

Through our advanced manufacturing techniques and with in-house fabrication and construction, we can speed up the process that an underground substation typically takes to design and build. If you need to implement strategies soon or you need replacements, contact us today and our underground substation designs can be made available for your business. We want to make sure that you can access the best in substation designs no matter what type of industry you’re working in. For more info on the specs of our substations, contact our team today!