Vaccuum Circuit Breakers And Load Break Switches

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 05/14/2021 - 15:32

Vaccuum Circuit Breakers And Load Break SwitchesA vacuum circuit breaker and load brake switches are designed for ongoing multipurpose operating mechanisms. These items can be lent into a variety of applications and they can offer enhanced safety features especially with heavy equipment. Vacuum circuit breakers and load break switches are limited up to 1200 A and load brake switches deliver up to 600 A of improvements. These switches deliver ongoing interruptions capable of thousands of full load interruptions. Unlike a traditional shunting or air braking device, these solutions can handle all of the stored energy and with zero spark interruption. 

Introducing these options in your business can provide improved levels of safety because they are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike other forms of breaker tripping that require ongoing maintenance and unique monitoring testing, these devices are extremely compact in size, very easy to maintain, and can be connected up to your equipment very easily. 

Auxiliary switch devices can also be added in for the vacuum interrupter mechanism as well as the operating shaft. These auxiliary switches provide an extra level of protection and deliver an improved interrupter mechanism during operations. 

Integral fuse holders can also be attached to these devices. The linkage here can close or open an auxiliary switch and provide a shunt trip to Undervoltage tripping attachments. Single phasing from several of the blown fuses will not be able to persist through an integral fuse holder. This can be the perfect option for maintaining a voltage of over 15 kV. 

Non-load break and visible disconnect switches can also be delivered through a 15 kV non-break application. These auxiliary switches can be provided on the switch handle that operates before the switchblade in these devices. Providing these types of configurations ensures that there are other interruption options for separate devices. 

An Undervoltage or shunt trip solution can also control various functions within the devices you are monitoring. Adding shunt trip devices provide a secondary level of monitoring and improvements for ongoing switch controls. You can continue to retrofit new appliances along with separate fuse holders as well as add it auxiliary switch options for new applications. 

Having this level of customization as well as a very simple monitoring solution for your business can cut down on costs and help you to maintain your business operations over time. If you would be interested in introducing these types of controls for your operations, contact our staff today to learn more. We want to ensure that you can access the best electrical monitoring support for your daily business.