What Are High Voltage Ground Monitors Used For?

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 16:39

What Are High Voltage Ground Monitors Used For?A high voltage Ground monitor device is a special type of monitor that will ensure ground faults are maintained across your entire system. This is a device that can trip the breaker when ground circuit resistance loops increase  4 ohms from the calibration set. They’re easily installed and they also include a front panel mounting ensuring that they can be placed in a wide range of circuits and paired with a large number of equipment types. 

Easy access for calibration for the front cover make this assistant that can be simple for adjustments. Constant voltage transformer lines are monitored with indicating lights to manage the system if it were to trip. 

The polarity reverse switch offers assistance if there is any type of difficulty in the fault or a major electronic event. The relay lockout until reset provides the best level of protection over the long term. The functions of the circuit can be shut off until the event has passed entirely. 

As an impedance style monitor, this is a system that can monitor high-voltage systems and detect changes in ground resistance. When ground resistance has changed tripping in the circuit breaker occurs until acceptable levels are reached or until a manual reset occurs. With easy setup and installation, this is a device that will protect a wide range of fault issues and properly protect personnel. It’s a compact front panel design that comes with a mounting unit and stabilizes if the breaker dips below 35%. Polarity reversal switch will enable the user to keep source current induced at the current in-phase and this can prevent the chance for a nuisance tripping event from occurring. 

These types of monitors are particularly useful in the mining industry, for any heavy voltage applications, and in locomotive industries. These are extremely useful tools for protecting employee safety, managing the well-being of equipment, and ensuring that electrical systems can be maintained. With full reset options and simple control schemes, these are tools that can be easier for training and crucial designs for managing voltage rates in top applications worldwide. 

If you are interested in setting up a high-voltage ground monitor throughout your business, contact us today. We have a wide range of tools that can help you get set up and well protected for the future of your industry. With our engineer ground monitors and extensive testing, we can give you the best quality high voltage monitoring for your business. 

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