What Is a Power Module?

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 11/16/2020 - 15:44

What Is a Power Module?

What Is a Power Module?Many designers are now using a series of power modules instead of discrete regulators in their technology needs. Power modules come with a series of advantages over traditional POL design especially with the reliability, design capabilities, and time to market that is required. 

Communications and computing infrastructure today require a high current load and the manufacturers of equipment often rely on a discrete power solution that can be more reliable and compact. 

A step-down or buck regulator can be used to convert the power from a distributed power bus to the individual POL infrastructure systems. A step-down converter can convert a voltage from the input source to an output voltage that is much more regulated. 

Having access to one of these power modules and a designed power subsystem will make sure that the size constraints challenges, reliability challenges, and design capabilities can be managed from most any type of equipment. 

A traditional POL design is often produced using a PWM controller, switching set or MOSFETS, input capacitors, output capacitors, and a power inducer. Each design is slightly different and there may be many different power supply rails but these components come together to produce a method for powering most devices.

System designers are favoring power modules today because the cost of ownership is considerably less and involves just one simple design. As a current rating increases for power systems, introducing a power module designed to make sure that the manufacturing and assembly costs can be reduced and that there can be a reduction in redesign changes. Power modules can integrate into many blocks of the design process and there only needs to be an input and output capacitor to complete the design rather than a series of additional components that would be required for the more traditional POL method. 

Rather than facing the ongoing cost of implementing a discreet design, it’s much easier to consider using a power module for business systems. Introducing the power module can reduce the long-term engineering and maintenance costs and offer significant advantages for systems that contain more than 10 power rails. Contact our team today if you’re interested in accessing a quality power module solution for your power needs with a business. We have years of experience in producing engineered electrical systems and we can offer the finest in power modules to meet your needs.