Explosion Proof Equipment

Ensure the Safety of Your Mining Operations With Becker Mining’s Explosion-Proof Equipment


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XP Equipment

Provides solution to your mining plan or emergency situations by locating electrical equipment in areas where permissible equipment is required with Becker/SMC’s MSHA Certified, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved enclosures, connectors, and glands.

  • Power Distribution Circuit Breakers
  • Visible Disconnect for Power Distribution
  • Motor Control Starters
  • Permissible electronics
  • Permissible Lighting


Becker/SMC enclosures may include:

  • Removable aluminum or steel covers
  • Hinged aluminum or steel covers
  • Polycarbonate windows
  • Permissible electrical connectors
  • Cable entrance glands
  • Circuit breaker operators
  • Door-mounted push buttons, selector switches, and lights


Explosion Proof Equipment



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Becker/SMC has an abundant amount of MSHA Certified enclosures available for your need or we will custom de- sign a solution to fit your dimensional requirements and will provide the necessary certifications and approvals through our specialized MSHA coordinator on staff. We will also design and manufacture a complete control system incorporating the necessary components, PLC, or a computer to perform the control functions. By coordinating the approval process and working with the customer’s, our experience has proven a successful outcome.


Becker Mining carries over 1,500 MSHA Certified enclosures. We are confident to meet your requirements and if our offering isn’t enough, we will design an enclosure specifically for your needs.



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