The 6314-023 Impedance Type Ground Monitor senses change in ground wire resistance, tripping the circuit breaker if resistance increases to an unacceptable level. It interrupts power to the machine by removing voltage from the trailing cable providing assurance of safely grounded electrical equipment and protection to personnel. It's compact design utilizes same space and mounting arrangements as other front access SMC Ground Monitors. Integral transformer to "amplify" resistance change in pilot/ ground loop. Polarity reversal switch changes phase relationship of pilot current with respect to the induced current. Monitors up to 4.5 ohms ground/pilot loop resistance.


  • MSHA BTS Acceptance No. 11576EE-001
  • Same design as Model 6314-024 but with additional ability to adjust setting to match loop resistance
  • Operates on an increase in ground resistance tha would represent 40 volts or more on a machine
  • Easy installation
  • System voltage: 32 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 VA
  • Front panel mounting
  • Reliable, proven circuitry
  • Polarity reversal switch
  • Indicating light for tripped condition
  • Test and reset buttons
  • 10 or 15 Amp ground resistance compatibility