The C-3013-1 ground monitor is a continuity type monitor. It trips the C/B when the ground wire or pilot wire is opened (not when the pilot/ground impedance increase to 3 ohms). The monitor will not drop out during a 25 percent voltage dip with 5 ohms in the pilot ground loop and will ride through a power outage for 1/4 second with 1/2 ohm in the loop. The C-3013-1 required input power of 4 volts ampers at 120 VAC or 32 VAC. But because of induced pilot/ground currents when used on large motor circuits, provide 25 VA for such circuits.


  • No adjustments to make
  • Polarity switch position can be selected correctly by observing indicator light
  • Up to 15 volts at 2 amperes can be induced continuously in the pilot/ground loop without damage. Much higher momentary surges will not damage the monitor.
  • The grounding reactor permits the monitor to tell the difference between the ground wire and parallel paths. A fringe benefit of this design is blocking of intermachine voltages up to 10 volts at one (1) ampere.