This is a low voltage ground monitor / ground fault relay assembly combining the SMC Model 6314-023 ground monitor with an integral ground fault relay. The ground fault relay utilizes a model a model B-2111-8 zero sequence type ground trip system. The relay will monitor change in ground wire resistance and ground fault current, tripping the circuit breaker if resistance or ground currents increase to an unacceptable level, providing assurance of safely grounded electrical equipment and protection to personnel. It monitors up to 4.5 ohms ground / pilot loop resistance and trips at 5 amperes ground fault current. It is adaptable for use with shunt trip or undervoltage devices. An on-board selector switch provides the flexibility to use virtually any existing current transformer. Its compact design allows mounting into preexisting cut outs.


  • Input 120 VAC @ 60 Hz
  • Front panel mounting
  • Polarity switch
  • Trip indications
  • Monitor test button
  • Manual reset switches
  • Adjustable tripping levels
  • Power on light
  • Current Transformer selection switch
  • Shunt Trip or Undervoltage application
C4334-000A / C4334-000B Component Parts
Part # Description
1 C4334-000A Combination Monitor Only Red Clip 8 Point Terminal Block
2 C4334-000B Combination Monitor Only Standard 8 Point Terminal Block
3 NOT INCLUDED with monitor
3 A273 Current Transformer 350/5 Ratio 4/0 - 350 MCM