F Size XP

The SMC F-Series Connector is both MSHA and PA approved for rugged, mine duty use. They are available in either “open” (non-explosion proof) or X/P (explosion proof). They come in 1000 VAC, 2300 VAC or 5000 VAC models and are rated for 500 Amperes, and for cable sizes up to 500 MCM. These connectors are available as line (cable) mounted plugs or receptacles and gear mounted (equipment) receptacles with either male or female pin arrangements. Typical applications are for power distribution cable connections in the crosscut or nonnventilated areas utilizing longwall mining equipment systems and continuous miners.


  • Hard anodized aluminium housing with teflon coated threads
  • Reversible, insulated strain clamp accepts various cable sizes
  • Packing nuts and clamps have through-holes to allow easy cable clamping
  • Receptacles and plugs have wrench slots for fast “opposing-wrench” make up
  • Watertight connection when mated or with dust cover
  • Large internal area for efficient cable installation
  • Power pins have brass nuts for easy cable/pin installation
  • Long locking ring to ensure fast, positive engagement
  • Insulator and locking rings are held in place by a stainless steel, spir-o-lox retaining ring for ease of assembly
  • Superior dielectric strength with molded fiberglass, track-resistant polyester, high-impact insulators
  • “Open” or explosion-proof models • Choice of 100, 2300, or 5000, VAC


  • Special keying available for specific applications
  • Extra ground or ground check pins available
  • Pins with set-screws available
  • Weld-in flange available for gear-mounted housing
  • An assortment of assembly tools are available such as snap-ring pliers and wrenches