G Size

One of the most critical points in distribution of power to high demand equipment in mining, earth moving and power stations has to be the high-voltage connector.  Portable power cables, regardless of size, quality or overload capabilities, are no better than the connectors employed to extend this power to the point of use.  SMC’s “G” series connector is the result of years of experience in the field of power distribution.  The “G” series connectors are available in three thread types (fine, coarse, and no-thread.)  They come with Teflon insulators.  The Teflon insulator provides superior electrical properties.

Designed for three-phase high voltage systems up to 15kV.  The “G” series connector is designed for safe, dependable connection of portable power cable to mining equipment, earth-moving equipment, outdoor power stations, and cable extensions.


  • Available in three thread types: fine, coarse and no-thread
  • Lightweight, rugged aluminum housing
  • Heavy duty Teflon
  • Seamless smooth insulator walls
  • Increased tube overlap provide improved fit for better electrical properties
  • Rigid mechanical strength to relieve stress on contacts
  • Highly track resistant
  • Improved design for easy assembly of phase and ground pins
  • Stress relieving tape used for shield terminations - no bulky stress cones
  • Shield terminated away from power contacts allowing long creep path


  • Extra ground check pins
  • Interlock dust covers - insulated or non-insulated
  • An assortment of assembly tools available
  • Two-part barrier compound easily applied or removed - no heating/no shrinkage
  • Fiber optic inserts (16 strands max)