Ground Trip Relay

The Ground Trip Relay is designed for use with 120 VAC under voltage or shunt trip breakers on circuits limited to 25 amps or less ground fault current. It is factory adjusted to trip at less than 6 amps ground fault through a current transformer. This relay uses a breaker for tripping and indication. When a ground fault current occurs, the breaker trips and must be manually reset.

Features Input voltage 120 VAC
Trips at less than 6 amps
Trip indication
Manual reset

  • Input 120VAC @ 60Hz
  • Front panel mounting
  • Polarity switch and indicating light
  • Trip indications
  • Monitor test button
  • Up to 15V at 2A can be induced continuously in the pilot/ground loop without damage • No adjustments to make. 82 Confidential Do Not Distribute
  • The grounding reactor permits the monitor to distinguish between the ground wire and parallel paths. A benefit of this design is blocking of inter-machine voltages up to 10V at 1A
  • Power on light
  • Current Transformer (CT) selection switch
  • Shunt Trip (ST) or Under-voltage (UV) application (Factory wired for UV Operation)