Safety Circuit Tester

The SMC #C-3100 Safety Circuit Testers are modular test systems for safety testing mine distribution circuits. These distribution circuits may be tested for proper operation of Ground Monitors or Ground Fault  systems:


The SMC #C-3100 Safety Circuit Testers are designed to determine the safe operation of both Ground Monitors and Ground Fault Circuits on distribution circuits up to 1040 VAC. These ground fault testers are some of the best in the industry. 

System Components

The SMC C-3100 Safety Circuit Testers are designed in modular style for ease of configuration to your distribution system. A system consists of the control box, interconnection cable, and adapters selected to fit:

  • C-3100-1 Control Box, Safety Circuits Tester 
  • A-1018-1  Cable, Interconnecting 
  • B-2130-1  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-2  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-3  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-4  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-5  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-7  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-8  Adapter, Universal