Safety Circuit Tester

The SMC #C-3100 Safety Circuit Testers are modular test systems for safety testing mine distribution circuits. These distribution circuits may be tested for proper operation of Ground Monitor or Ground Fault  systems:


The SMC #C-3100 Safety Circuit Testers are designed to determine the safe operation of both Ground Monitors and Ground Fault Circuits on distribution circuits up to 1040 VAC.

System Components

The SMC C-3100 Safety Circuit Testers are designed in modular style for ease of configuration to your distribution system. A system consists of the control box, interconnection cable and adapters selected to fit:

  • C-3100-1 Control Box, Safety Circuits Tester 
  • A-1018-1  Cable, Interconnecting 
  • B-2130-1  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-2  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-3  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-4  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-5  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-7  Adapter, Receptacle 
  • B-2130-8  Adapter, Universal