Different Types of Mine Electrical Systems

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 07/31/2020 - 15:55

Different Types of Mine Electrical Systems

Different Types of Mine Electrical SystemsWith the movement from diesel powered to more electrical powered tools and equipment in today’s mining world, the importance of electricity on a mine site has never been more vital. From the drilling process to hauling, to the processing of everything mined, electrical power runs it all. 

In this list, we will take a look at a couple of different electrical system types that can be used in an array of mining sites and projects from surface to deep underground mines. 

Mining Power Centers

Mining power centers, also known as Load Centers, is where a high input of electricity is converted to a much lower voltage on output. These centers are built to be durable, as well as reliable in meeting the high standard of safety criteria needed for use in mines. They can handle inputs of 5 to 25 kilovolts, and deliver an output between 480-1,000 volts. They also usually come with protections from overcurrent, inducing metering, monitoring information, as well as a direct disconnect plug for safety. 

Motor Control Centers

Motor control centers can most often be found as the energy source for mines that have a lot of high-powered equipment with driving motors such as fans, conveyors and pumps. 

These control centers tend to come with soft-start systems, PLC controlled variable frequency drives, as well as across-the-line arrangements. 


Switchgears are built with the purpose of protecting mines that have a lot of high voltage systems working within them. These high voltage circuit systems come with a much higher risk of electrocution no matter the type of mine - surface, substation, or underground. Switchgears allow these potentially dangerous systems to be isolated and protected, keeping everyone safe, while still allowing your mine to have the required power. 

Longwall Controls

A perfect option for projects involving mining minerals from deep, underground project sites, Longwall controls help run large machines with lots of horsepower and complicated arrangements. What makes this system perfect for deep projects is that they are normally housed in explosion proof cases. 


Substations are there to help transform utility supplied electricity into the voltage required to run operations within your underground or surface mine. These systems have portable designs allowing them to be set up all around your project site, however there are also permanent substations that can be built with their own components to run on larger sites. Contact us today for the best electrical mining equipment available.