Ground Fault Relay

Ground Fault RelayA ground fault relay is a device that is designed to carry 120 VAC Undervoltage and to work with circuits across a variety of electrical components. Shunt trip breakers on circuits can be limited to 25 A or less based off of the ground-fault current. This device is factory adjusted to trip at 5 A and to make sure that the transformer functions can be preserved. The ground fault is detected to the current transformer and it’s possible to relay information back to the controller through a reporting display. Relay features on the circuit include an indicating light that will manually reset every time that a ground trip occurs with the device. Resisters in the series with the breaker will also limit the current when a ground fault is not appropriately required.

On the full application of power control with a ground trip relay, it’s possible to limit the current to the ground fault and to make sure that the trip relay will automatically energize and transfer the contact directly to the trip circuit. Having access to this safeguard can protect major electronic equipment. Other forms of safety come when the ground fault current will exceed the trip setting and a solid-state latch within the circuit also turns on which will trip a coil and turn on an indicating trip light. To prevent these shorts, the contacts on the trip relay will transfer from the trip to the breaker and lead to a control power circuit that preserves the device. With one of these control power circuits on, the device will remain tripped until an operator pushes the manual reset button. Having this reset button function ensures that if there is a malfunction within the device, it will not regularly continue to trip if there is a problem with a current overload or any other issue that could continue to damage the device as it is turned on.

Our top-quality ground fault relays include a variety of features like manual reset, test doubling switch as well as the trip indicator light. By introducing these safeguards and warnings,  operator error can be reduced and you have the first line of defense against a variety of fault issues. The trip contacts happen with 3 A at 120 VAC and this will close off the device and protect the electronics that it is placed between.

Contacts for this device can be easily wired for NC or NO and it is a highly compatible solution that can protect a wide range of electronic equipment including high-voltage equipment used in locomotives, industry, and more. If you are seeking a solution that can protect your devices and prevent the chance of an electrical surge, a ground fault relay stands as an excellent option to protect your company and the major assets that you may own.

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