Common Signs Your Facility Needs Electric Equipment Repair

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Electrical malfunctions in an industrial or commercial environment can have far-reaching consequences, from causing delays and disruptions to posing significant safety risks. To prevent these issues and maintain the smooth operation of your business, it's essential to recognize the common signs indicating a need for electric equipment repair. In this article, we will explore some of these telltale signs and emphasize the importance of addressing them promptly.

1. Overheating: When your electric equipment starts to become unusually hot, it's a clear signal that something is amiss. While some degree of heat generation is normal, persistent and excessive heat can result in equipment failure and potentially hazardous situations. Factors like low oil levels, faulty cooling fans, or high current loads can contribute to overheating. Therefore, it's crucial to promptly investigate and repair any components displaying this symptom.

2. Noise: Industrial and commercial environments often feature a cacophony of sounds from various equipment, including magnetostriction, fans, and substation components. However, unusual and disruptive noises should not be ignored. If you notice humming, vibrations, buzzing sounds, or any other atypical auditory signals, it's essential to seek the expertise of an electrician. These noises can be early indicators of underlying issues that, if left unaddressed, may lead to costly and potentially dangerous breakdowns.

3. Visible Issues: Routine inspections of your electrical equipment may reveal visible problems such as loose connections, corrosion, or wear and tear. Even if your equipment appears to be functioning normally, these visual issues are not to be taken lightly. Neglecting them can lead to sudden and unexpected failures, causing operational disruptions and compromising safety. To preemptively tackle these concerns, schedule an electric equipment service to rectify the visible imperfections and ensure the continued reliability of your equipment.

4. Frequent Tripped Circuits: If you notice that circuits in your facility are tripping frequently, it could be a sign of electrical issues. This may indicate that your electrical equipment is drawing too much power or there is a short circuit, which requires immediate attention.


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5. Flickering or Dimming Lights: If your lights flicker or dim without an apparent reason, it could indicate a problem with the electrical system. This might be due to issues with the wiring, voltage fluctuations, or a failing electrical component.

6. Burning Smell: A noticeable burning smell around electrical equipment is a red flag. It could be a sign of overheating or electrical components getting damaged. In such cases, it's essential to shut off the power and have the equipment inspected.

7. Inconsistent Power Supply: If you experience inconsistent power supply, where some outlets or appliances work intermittently, it may be due to issues with the electrical distribution system or the need for rewiring.

8. Increased Energy Bills: A sudden and unexplained increase in your energy bills can be a sign of electrical equipment inefficiency. Faulty equipment or wiring can cause excessive energy consumption, leading to higher costs.

9. Corrosion or Rust: Excessive corrosion or rust on electrical equipment or connections can impact their performance and safety. It's important to regularly inspect and address such issues to prevent further deterioration.


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10. Electric Shocks or Sparks: Any incidents of electric shocks or sparks from your equipment are clear indications of problems. Such situations are extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately to prevent accidents or fires.

11. Outdated Equipment: If your facility's electrical equipment is outdated or has not been maintained for a long time, it might be prone to failure. Regular upgrades and maintenance can prevent issues and improve the overall safety of the facility.

12. Inconsistent Equipment Operation: If your equipment operates inconsistently, such as motors running at varying speeds or machinery not functioning as expected, it could point to electrical issues affecting their performance.

13. Excessive Vibrations: Unusual vibrations from motors, generators, or other electrical equipment can be a sign of imbalance or mechanical issues, which, if left unaddressed, can lead to electrical failures.

14. Corroded or Damaged Wiring: Inspect the wiring within your facility. If you notice frayed, damaged, or corroded wires, they can pose a significant safety hazard and may need immediate replacement.

15. Voltage Fluctuations: If you have sensitive electronic equipment in your facility, voltage fluctuations can damage or disrupt their operation. Monitoring voltage levels and addressing fluctuations can help prevent damage.


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Maintaining electrical equipment in an industrial or commercial setting is not only essential for operational efficiency but also for safety. Electrical malfunctions can lead to significant disruptions and pose serious risks to the well-being of your facility and its occupants. Recognizing the signs that your equipment needs repair, such as overheating, unusual noises, and visible issues, is paramount in preventing potential disasters.

To ensure the longevity and reliability of your electrical equipment, it's wise to address any of these warning signs promptly. Neglecting such signs can lead to not only increased repair costs but also potential harm to your business operations and, more importantly, the safety of your employees and visitors.

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