Everything You Need To Know About Portable Substations

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 03/04/2022 - 15:25

Everything You Need To Know About Portable SubstationsWhat is a portable substation? A portable substation provides a reliable power supply for your business, allowing it to avoid service interruptions and have faster construction times. These systems include modules with necessary components like transformers that support the system's performance.

If your business is not using a portable substation, it could be leaving itself open to some risks. A portable substation can prevent service interruptions and offer a reliable form of power generation for your business. These systems have become a popular choice for businesses across the world in demanding environments and they can make sure that you have a reliable system for faster construction times, better work without service interruptions, and more. 

Every portable substation includes a module with the necessary components, such as a power transformer and AIS switchgear, along with the power connection. This allows the system to function as a complete, fully functional substation that you can transport and set up on-site whenever needed. 

The substation design can be placed onto skids for easy setup or housed on a trailer so it can be rolled out and put into action. The transport option makes it easy to be up and running after an interruption. Most of these substations can be set up quickly making them a very useful solution during storms and other events that would typically cause a shutdown. 

A portable substation can handle everything from keeping your business open to keeping crucial safety gear in place for your operations to resume successfully. Without this option in place you could leave your workforce at risk or have to send everyone home. 

Power transformers, in particular, are a core component of any portable substation. These items convert the power from a high voltage to a lower one in order to supply the proper amount of electricity. Low voltage is safe enough that it won't cause electric shocks or electrocution and can be handled without issue by employees. The transformer also regulates the type of voltage so you can avoid having large losses in energy. This makes it cheaper to power your business over time. The AIS switchgear ensures that the connections are secure, keeps users safe, and gives employees a reliable network while they work at the substation site.

One of the greatest added improvements to a business with a substation is that it is more environmentally friendly. A substation provides advantages over a diesel generator , because it uses less fuel. Most substations are equipped with natural gas generators to provide the power you need, making them safer and more reliable than comparable diesel models.

While a portable substation may not be an option that you have considered before, now may be the best time to find out how it can improve your business by avoiding service interruptions and giving you more freedom from power outages.

If you would like to learn more about portable substations, contact our team today. We can build a portable substation that will suit the needs of your daily operations.