Positive Pressure In E-Houses

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 20:01

Positive Pressure in E-Houses

Positive pressure in control roomsE-Houses which will contain all of the electrical controls, instrumentations, and other electrical equipment must meet some very strict standards in order to ensure that they are safe and functional. One of the ways these rooms are controlled is by having pressurized systems installed. 

Pressurized systems are part of the National Fire Protection Act, these are recognized fire safety equipment that a lot of E-Houses use in order to reduce or even eliminate the amount of hazards by providing it with the correct amount of positive-pressure ventilation from a clear air source. Pairing this ventilation system with safeguards and fire suppression systems will help protect your equipment and control centers efficiently and effectively. 

Positive Pressure In Control Rooms

Your control room must have a positive pressure that sits at 25 Pa (or one-tenth an inch of water). This level must be able to be maintained with all of the room’s openings closed up. There is room within the code for the pressure to lower when doors and other openings are open. However, in order for the pressure drop to be safe, there must be a minimum air velocity of 60 ft. per minute traveling through the openings. 

E-House Locations

The decision of where to place your E-house or control room is not one that can be taken lightly. There must be close attention paid to the placement of your control room and its relation to all of the sources of gases and vapours - including the evaluation of the different directions of the prevailing winds in the area of your build. An example of what this means is having one side of your control room facing a location that is declared to be free of even trace amounts of the flammable vapors and gases that are present on job sites, or that there is enough of a fan intake in order to provide a source of clean air for the control room or E-House.  

Ducting may be used in order to reach a source of uncontaminated air for your control room, however the ducts must be built out of noncombustible material, tested to be sure there are no leaks whatsoever, and must be maintained in order to ensure it is protected from damage and corrosion. There must also be pressure sensitive switches as well as other safeguarding devices and systems installed in order to make sure that the low level of pressure is met. Contact us today to learn more!