The Benefits of An Arc Guard

Submitted by Kristian on Sun, 01/02/2022 - 23:35

The Benefits of An Arc Guard Having safe conditions underground for electrical equipment is important. While most standard underground electrical components are designed to withstand mechanical forces in mining, the right load terminals are needed in powered circuit breakers to control the flow of fault currents and prevent issues on a job site. We provide assistance in the form of protective systems that can interrupt the flow of a fault current in mining operations. The capacity of arc guard components will work to protect your mining components and teams form a series of arc tests. We verify the feedback and the quality of these devices using interruption tests as well as powering the circuit breakers through a variety of measures. We use safety equipment and interruption tests to showcase the power of these arc guard systems. Here we talk about the benefits of an Arc Guard.

Using one of these systems can provide you with a massive number of advantages in an emergency. Having an emergency arc guard can trip the breaker and prevent power flowing in underground environments that will preserve equipment and reduce accidents. These systems have become a requirement for many underground operations and in most mining facilities. During a bolted fault the voltage in these devices is sent through the power system and properly dissipated.

When traditional arcs occur, they have the ability to overload electronics or potentially travel throughout a series of electrical controls to eventually continually damage equipment. With the help of an arc guard, you will have the electrical arc properly dissipated and a minimal gassing out of the by-products generated from the equipment. The arc resistant nature can protect miners in almost any part of a mining site and with equipment that is performance classified and tested as an arc resistant product. The enclosure is properly reinforced and the entire system can withstand a series of internal arcing faults as required. 

Through an internal venting system there can be pressure dams included to channel the flow of arc gasses away from various personnel. The reinforced top seal and covers along the panels offer a complete shroud for employees and the chance to provide full reinforcement for ventilation and safety. These arc controls will help to prevent faults, major overheats and issues with electrical overloads that can occur naturally in mining sites.

Arc guards provide a reliable solution to a business and a performance tested venting system for electrical charges. These field proven systems will work to contain electrical equipment and prevent various interruptions as required.

If you are working in a mining environment or you are going to be running any type of electrical equipment underground, you should consider the option to include these items in your business. With the help of these levels of control, you can protect equipment, employees and more. Contact us today to learn more about the process of installing an arc guard system at your business. We can build and retrofit your site with one of these electrical safety tools to keep your employees safe and to keep your business assets safe as well.