Becker Mining Longwall Electrical Systems

Submitted by Kristian on Sun, 09/11/2022 - 22:08

Becker Mining Longwall Electrical SystemsBecker Mining's longwall electrical systems are in use on more than 70% of the longwall operations in the United States. SMC equipment is used in the most productive mines because it helps those mines produce more. Our products have made mining easier to control and automate, which makes operating a mine more efficient and increases productivity.

SMC designs manufacture and build these custom electrical systems from start to finish. We take pride in our products and services, and we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

A longwall electrical system can have a series of functions in a mining site. It can control and monitor equipment, provide power to the longwall face, and even help with ventilation. All of these functions are important in keeping a longwall mining site running smoothly and safely.

Becker Mining's longwall electrical systems are some of the best in the business. We're constantly innovating and improving our products to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience. If you're looking for a longwall electrical system, we should be your first choice. We have worked closely with top manufacturers in the past, such as Komatsu, and have a long history of providing quality products and services.

Our longwall systems include all of the necessary equipment to get your longwall mining site up and running. We specialize in load centers, pump power centers, explosion-proof master controllers, pump controllers, intrinsically safe voice communications systems, signaling systems, conveyor lockouts, pull-cord switches, LED face lighting, and explosion-proof mid-face junction boxes. Longwall mining components can be customized to suit the specifications of your mine and your needs as a business.

We assemble longwall systems at our facility under the most stringent quality standards. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers is available to help you with your longwall mining needs when the time comes to set up at your facility. We keep rigorous quality standards and an incredible level of craftsmanship on all of our products.

With primary voltage options up to 35 K.V., we can install systems that will be compatible with the rest of your mine's infrastructure. When you work with Becker Mining, you can be confident that you're getting the best longwall electrical system on the market, purpose-built for your mine. With support for sales and startups across North America, we offer a comprehensive solution for your longwall mining needs in the USA and across the world.

You can always count on Becker Mining to provide you with the best possible longwall electrical system for your needs. Through the assistance of our highly trained and experienced team, we can help you find the best solution for your longwall mining site. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we'll always go the extra mile to make sure that you're satisfied. Contact us today to learn more about our longwall electrical systems and how we can help you.